Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Big Presentation!

It was time…..the big presentation! After working and preparing on the group project since September, the pitch was finally here. The project was based on the brand LUSH, as a team we had to create, plan and pitch our ideas for the brands stand at the Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition.  The project was lengthy and took a lot of work from the team, encountering a few problems along the way. But, we pulled through and working right up until the final day running through our pitch constantly. After practising for most of the day, and having lectures in between, it was our groups turn to pitch. Nervously we made our way to Hamilton House, following the signs to the LUSH presentations. We then set the room up with our presentation slides, a mood board, model and various other elements we had created to highlight our idea to the client. Then it was time to call the client in to pitch our idea.

 The presentation went really well, all members coherently put across our ideas and thanks to the hours spent practising no one went wrong. Also, as we were very familiar with our idea we were able to answer all of the questions asked, something we were all worried about.

I was so relieved once the presentation was done, and although there was months of work spent on the pitch it was a really interesting project which I will take a lot away from. Now just to wait for the results, hopefully all the hard work paid off in the end…..fingers crossed!!!

Here is the mood board which our team created for the pitch, which symbolises all of our ideas. What do you think our theme was?

After a few well deserved drinks with my fellow event management students to celebrate the pitches being complete, the next day I was back in the library getting on with all the other assignments.  

I also have been to another gig, in complete contrast to my usual choice of genre; I went to see The Wanted at the O2. I took my younger sister, who also happens to be a massive fan of the band, along as well as a shopping trip to Westfield’s. She travelled up to London to stay with me for the weekend from my hometown and I had a great time as it’s always nice to see the family; who I haven’t seen since the Christmas break. The gig was proper pop gig with everything you would expect from the band. The only thing I would say is that I think I still might be slightly deaf from the screams of the hundreds of The Wanted fans in the arena that night!

 Source: http://thewantedmusic.com/gallery                                                                              

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