Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bright and early start but well worth it....

This weekend I volunteered at the Gold Challenge event and had an amazing time! I was given the role of sports presentation runner. In this role I was a runner for the team in the sound and technical box, as well as for the commentator Rob Walker, whose voice you may recognise as he regularly commentates on many sporting events including athletic competitions and the on-course commentator for the London Marathon.

Up bright and early (with my alarm set for 5:30am) I made my way to the Olympic stadium, I was lucky enough to be able to see the whole event and a lot of the behind the scenes work going on. This allowed me to gain further knowledge of the industry and a real insight into how problems can be caused and solved in the face pace environment which is events.

The event had various celebrities present, with the likes of Paul Potts, Spellbound from Britain’s got Talent and also Dionne Bromfield performing.  All of the runners were truly inspirational all raising massive amounts of money for their charities. A final surprise on the day was a marriage proposal from one of the participants in the race, it was a complete surprise to everyone, including his now fiancĂ© (of course she said yes!). There’s even a news article about it; . I have to admit a little tear did come to my eye.

I would recommend volunteer work experience to anyone who is interested in events management, not only does it give you the invaluable experience needed but also allows you to make contacts, put your knowledge into practise and most of all have fun, And yes it will be worth the early starts!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Final assignment and visit to the Olympic stadium

A slight apprehension but also relief flooded over me as I clicked the submit button on my final assignment of the year. The assignment was a research proposal for next year’s dissertation, and I have to say it has been one of the hardest this year….save the best till last as they say. Although it was difficult with the right reading and research, as well as asking my tutor about 500 questions each tutorial, I got there in the end.  Although this may mean my assignments are all finished for the year, I still have the dreaded exams in May to revise for, but before I start all of the revision, myself and my fellow event managers are off for a celebratory drink and making the most of this lush weather!

This weekend, on Sunday 1st April 2012, I am extremely excited about volunteering at the Gold Challenge. The event gives people the opportunity to complete a variety of different challenges; these involve the 2012km challenge, Olympic sport challenge and a gold challenge in a gym. Participants raise money for various charities whilst completing their challenges. The event will include various performers; have some participants completing their challenges on the Olympic track and a parade around the Olympic stadium finishing on the track for all the participants who have been raising money through different challenges prior to the event, giving them the chance to have a unique experience inside the stadium.

All the information about the event can be seen on the website:

Prior to the event I have been given some training about what role I would be doing, about the event and also getting a tour of the Olympic stadium and areas of the Olympic park which will be used for the event. Although there is still work going on down at the site it was an amazing experience being able to walk round the Olympic stadium and actually getting to walk on the track and yes, whilst I was walking on the 100 metre track I did pretend I was Usain Bolt. Unfortunately I am not able to show any pictures from inside the Olympic stadium due to the works still taking place inside the park and the privacy surrounding the park but I feel extremely lucky that I have been able to see these areas, and even walk on the ground which the athletes will use in the Olympic Games. I will keep you updated how the event goes J