Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dissertation, dissertation, dissertation

Stressed could be one word to describe how I am feeling about my dissertation at the moment. After writing a plan in year 2 I thought I had nailed down my question and topic. But, after further research I am struggling to get any further with my research and also how I am going to obtain my primary research. So you could say it’s been a bit of a nightmare! But, I’ve had a meeting with my dissertation supervisor and we have made plans of where to go next so that I don’t have to completely change my topic (as I was interested in this) but instead just revise my question. I have contacted a few people about doing my primary research; hopefully they will come back positive, fingers crossed!
On a more positive note, planning is coming along nicely for our 3rd year event which I and my group are planning. We have decided our concept and have been visiting venues; we think we have found the perfect venue, now we need to look at its availability and negotiation of price. Once we found the venue we all got a little bit excited that it was actually going to happen.  
As I mentioned in my previous blog I went to see Michael McIntyre earlier this month. As expected he was extremely funny, I was cracking up with laughter the whole night, a definite must see if you ever get the chance to see him, or I’m sure the DVD will be out in time for Christmas.
Now I had best get back to doing this research and enjoying the lovely fog outside…..!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Start of the year 3…

The beginning of my final year and already I am already feeling overwhelmed with the amount I have to do. But I’m desperately trying to get myself in order so that I can get a start on everything.

One of the main stresses I’m having is the dissertation! Is my topic good enough, how I’m going to do my research, how to write it all and what I need to do before March. But this is why it’s so important to have meetings with your dissertation tutor, mine is great and she is helping me to refine my ideas down and make it into realistic research.


This year we also have to plan and execute a live event. Myself and my group are in the idea generating stages at the moment for the event, so I’ll keep you posted on what direction we decide to go! But for now are ideas are in a mass of brain storming diagrams.


As well as being back in lectures/tutorials I have also been doing some work experience with a company who I have worked with a few times before. They have been great in letting me assist in the final stages of preparation for their festival, giving me even more insight into the exciting, high pace environment of the events world! As well as some more vital skills which I've been itching to learn.

Something I’m really excited about, and which will defiantly take my mind off the dissertation is that I’m going to see Michael McIntyre this weekend!! Having brought the tickets about the year ago I almost forgot that I even had them. I’ll try not to embarrass myself with embarrassing laughing fits!