Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dissertation, dissertation, dissertation

Stressed could be one word to describe how I am feeling about my dissertation at the moment. After writing a plan in year 2 I thought I had nailed down my question and topic. But, after further research I am struggling to get any further with my research and also how I am going to obtain my primary research. So you could say it’s been a bit of a nightmare! But, I’ve had a meeting with my dissertation supervisor and we have made plans of where to go next so that I don’t have to completely change my topic (as I was interested in this) but instead just revise my question. I have contacted a few people about doing my primary research; hopefully they will come back positive, fingers crossed!
On a more positive note, planning is coming along nicely for our 3rd year event which I and my group are planning. We have decided our concept and have been visiting venues; we think we have found the perfect venue, now we need to look at its availability and negotiation of price. Once we found the venue we all got a little bit excited that it was actually going to happen.  
As I mentioned in my previous blog I went to see Michael McIntyre earlier this month. As expected he was extremely funny, I was cracking up with laughter the whole night, a definite must see if you ever get the chance to see him, or I’m sure the DVD will be out in time for Christmas.
Now I had best get back to doing this research and enjoying the lovely fog outside…..!

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