Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Now the assignments are in, time for Band of Horses!

After my stress over recent assignments, finally they are submitted! Its always a bit stressful for everyone on the course when we have 4 different assignments in over the space of 2 weeks but we did it! Some of the weight lifted before starting the next ones.

Also one step further on our event, plans with the venue are looking positive. Hopefully we will have the venue confirmed and booked by next week…yay! Other Uni related goings on are my dissertation, due to the other assignments I feel I have neglected it slightly over the last couple of weeks but getting back on track with it from now, which involves me writing the first draft of my questionnaire. I have found that my Psychology and Sociology A-levels have come in so useful for my dissertation, as well as a couple of other assignments on the course. I never thought they would, but they really have giving me a good background knowledge on topics like motivation and understanding of research methods. Thank you A-levels!   

Its been a while but I managed to get to a gig this week. I went to see Band of Horses at the Hammersmith Apollo. I have unintentionally become a bit of a fan girl as I've seen them quite a few times now, but they are defiantly worth it and if you get the opportunity I would recommend. The support act was a British band called Gold Heart Assembly, quite a similar sound to Band of Horses so I was equally impressed with them. The only let down was it was on a Tuesday night, so energy levels were lagging by the evening. It was the last night of their UK tour so the energy was up and the crowd singing away. The band even threw in a special surprise for the start of the encore, if your not familiar with the Hammersmith Apollo there is two levels, the top level has seating with a balcony overlooking the ground floor and stage. Two of the band appeared on the second tier and played acoustic versions of a couple of their songs. It was an amazing atmosphere and interesting way to use the venue, playing their music acoustically overlooking the majority of the audience, something I've not seen before. J

Source: www.gigwise.com                                                                                                                         Source: http://www.bandofhorses.com/uk/music/mirage-rock                                                                           

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Football match and progress with my dissertation

After my worries the last couple of weeks about my dissertation I have finally made some progress and even sorted out conducting my primary research, which I am over the moon about. I will be conducting my research over the Christmas break when I return home. Although this mean I’ll have to get on with some serious work over Christmas it means that I can get my research done nice and early and have plenty of time to analyse and conclude my research and time to work on my dissertation before the submission day, fingers crossed all goes to plan and I receive some good results from my research.
Also, our event is also coming together nicely. Finally getting there with confirming our venue, and also date of the event.  We’ve got a name and confirming several of the elements of the event; it’s all starting to become a little bit more real now.
My other piece of coursework which is due this month turned out to be a bit of a disaster. After starting the essay over a month early I thought I was doing pretty well on it. But after having a one to one meeting with my tutor to discuss any problems or questions I discovered that I was a bit off the mark with my content. But luckily I hadn’t gone completely wrong and just needed to re-jig and be more specific with my content to get me back on track, so all was not lost. A big recommendation I would make to any one is really do ask your tutors if you’re not sure, if I hadn’t for example it would have really affected my grade. But by asking early I have now been able to re-jig the assignment and get back on track, with 3 weeks left till I need to submit.
As the title of the blog suggests I have been to a football match, the first one I’ve ever been to. Now I may hear you cry…football really you’ve never expressed an interest before. Well you would be correct; I didn’t go for fun I went as part of one of my assignments in the Sporting Events module. I went to see the Charlton Athletic verses Cardiff City game which turned out to be a 5-4 result to Charlton. So it was a pretty exciting match to be sitting with the home fans. I have to admit although I am not the biggest football fan I did enjoy myself and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game. The only thing I would change would be the temperature, five layers and 2 pairs of socks and I was still freezing. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dissertation, dissertation, dissertation

Stressed could be one word to describe how I am feeling about my dissertation at the moment. After writing a plan in year 2 I thought I had nailed down my question and topic. But, after further research I am struggling to get any further with my research and also how I am going to obtain my primary research. So you could say it’s been a bit of a nightmare! But, I’ve had a meeting with my dissertation supervisor and we have made plans of where to go next so that I don’t have to completely change my topic (as I was interested in this) but instead just revise my question. I have contacted a few people about doing my primary research; hopefully they will come back positive, fingers crossed!
Source: priyamahida.wordpress.com
On a more positive note, planning is coming along nicely for our 3rd year event which I and my group are planning. We have decided our concept and have been visiting venues; we think we have found the perfect venue, now we need to look at its availability and negotiation of price. Once we found the venue we all got a little bit excited that it was actually going to happen.  
As I mentioned in my previous blog I went to see Michael McIntyre earlier this month. As expected he was extremely funny, I was cracking up with laughter the whole night, a definite must see if you ever get the chance to see him, or I’m sure the DVD will be out in time for Christmas.
Now I had best get back to doing this research and enjoying the lovely fog outside…..!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Start of the year 3…

The beginning of my final year and already I am already feeling overwhelmed with the amount I have to do. But I’m desperately trying to get myself in order so that I can get a start on everything.

One of the main stresses I’m having is the dissertation! Is my topic good enough, how I’m going to do my research, how to write it all and what I need to do before March. But this is why it’s so important to have meetings with your dissertation tutor, mine is great and she is helping me to refine my ideas down and make it into realistic research.

 source: hopkins.typepad.com

This year we also have to plan and execute a live event. Myself and my group are in the idea generating stages at the moment for the event, so I’ll keep you posted on what direction we decide to go! But for now are ideas are in a mass of brain storming diagrams.

 source: sageperformance.com

As well as being back in lectures/tutorials I have also been doing some work experience with a company who I have worked with a few times before. They have been great in letting me assist in the final stages of preparation for their festival, giving me even more insight into the exciting, high pace environment of the events world! As well as some more vital skills which I've been itching to learn.

source: http://www.theo2.co.uk/event/michael-mcintyre-2012-20120926.html
Something I’m really excited about, and which will defiantly take my mind off the dissertation is that I’m going to see Michael McIntyre this weekend!! Having brought the tickets about the year ago I almost forgot that I even had them. I’ll try not to embarrass myself with embarrassing laughing fits!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

End of summer 2012, looking forward to my final year

Since the Olympics I've been busy working with the enquiry unit team during clearing, and now it’s only a fortnight before the new term begins. Where has the time gone?

A side from working, I was able to get home for the bank holiday weekend and spend some time with my family and friends. It was a lovely weekend, I was spoilt being taken out for dinner and some long overdue catch ups were had, even though it was only for a short time it was worth it. Hopefully I’ll see them again soon.

But now back to the start of term, something for everyone to remember, whether you’re a new or current student, is registering. You need to log onto your online portal and click on your online registration and follow the instructions. You will receive emails giving you instructions of what you need to do to register, as well as your username and password. If you haven’t received this or are unsure about if you can register contact the Enquiry unit on 020 8331 9000 and they’ll be able to help you out.

I have been online and completed mine and am awaiting the arrival of my new 2012-2013 student ID card with that special photo of myself I love so much…….or not love in my case. Alongside this I had to make the decisions on which course option I was going to choose this year, I've considered the options carefully and will make sure that when I start this option course it is the one for me, my tutors are very good and give us the chance to change, if the space is available, to choose another option. The option I have chosen is sporting events, this is an area which over the last year I have become more interested in and would like to expand my knowledge further.



Although it’s a scary thought thinking this is my final year, I’m really excited to get started again, it’ll also be great catching up with everyone I haven’t seen all summer. I have been preparing for my dissertation already, looking into my research topic further and how I am going to undertake my research. Also, I am looking into some further work experience opportunities and finally, to be extra prepared I am looking into getting my CV up to scratch so I can begin my job search when I finish university and enter the big bad world.  Which is proving a bit of a challenge, but I will be sure to use the Guidance & Employability Teams (GET) services to help me do this.

All the best of luck to everyone returning and starting university, remember to enjoy your time cause it will go quick, even if daunting at first you will have the time of your life!  J

Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Olympic experience

The Olympics is over and after all the training and preparation it’s the weirdest feeling! But this now means I can finally spill the beans and let you know exactly what it was I was doing, but don’t worry I won’t go into every intricate detail. I was based at the Olympic park, in the Olympic hospitality centre. The main function of the centre was for the use of the marketing partner suites and the exclusive clubs within the Olympic hospitality centre. My role within the venue was part of the front of house team; responsibilities included excellent customer service at all times, front and back of house reception desks, welcome centre, ticket control and working within one of the clubs in the venue. I was working alongside an amazing team, who were all a pleasure to work with, really enhancing my experience, and I hope to stay in contact with many of them. The guests who visited the Olympic hospitality centre were equally as lovely to meet, many included members from marketing partner companies, some famous faces, Paralympic and Olympic athletes. WHO, WHO, WHO! I hear you ask, let’s just say I had a lovely conversation with the Mayor of London and got to see a few gold Olympic medals.

I was also lucky enough to get a chance to experience the games from the spectator perspective. I was able to see one of the opening ceremony rehearsals; the atmosphere was amazing and I was blown away by the performance of the volunteers involved, it was clear to see the amount of hard work, determination and time they had given up. The whole performance gave me Goosebumps and even a few tears at times.
I also got to see some sport, I went to see the Handball bronze medal match between Spain and Korea. Initially being worried about my lack of knowledge of the rules of the game, I really enjoyed it! The game is a really fast moving game with goals being score and players being knocked down, quite violently at times I felt, as well as constant music and atmosphere from the crowd, with extra, extra time then being given at the end of the game in order to crown the winners Spain. I would definitely recommend giving handball a look if you ever get the chance, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Source: http://www.london2012.com/handball/

Finally, I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the closing ceremony. It was incredible and an amazing finish to my whole Olympic experience. Again, the atmosphere inside the stadium was electric, the performance of the volunteers was inspirational and an array of brilliant performers from the best of British music. But, how can I not mention, my childhood dream came true, I saw THE SPICE GIRLS!!! Much to the embarrassment of my colleague next to me I was singing and dancing like a crazy woman….it had to be done. With the ceremony finally concluding with the historic passing of the flag from the current host nation to the next, Rio and the biggest secret of the night, how they would be extinguishing the flame.

Although it was long hours, hard work and at times zombie like tiredness. I would not change any part of my time at the Olympic Games. I had the opportunity to do, see, learn amazing things and meet some amazing people. Soak up the atmosphere of the games all over London, and have an experience that will not only benefit my future but also one which will stay with me a lifetime.

Now the wrap parties are over and I have to hang up my purple polyester, I’m experiencing what’s being coined the ‘Post-Olympic blues’ but it is lovely to finally have a nice rest!

(I didn’t take many photos, but I’ve put a few which I took mainly at closing ceremony in the blog J)

Good luck to everyone getting their A-level and GCSE results!! J

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Butter Beer and the Hackney weekend

Now I’ve got some free time before the madness of the Olympics begins and still awaiting grades back from my exams, I’ve had some time to actually enjoy the summer break!

Last week I went to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour in London. Two of my friends from home came up to see me and we headed over to the studio in Leavesden. Getting there was a little bit of a trek taking us a while to make it but it was well worth the travel, and the slightly expensive ticket price. As a big fan of the films I loved the tour, you get a real insight and behind the scenes view of how the films are made, seeing the costumes, the set and loads of the significant props made famous in the films. The tour took about 3 hours and is part guided but mainly self-guided so you are able to look at your own pace and get taking photos, which I did, of literally everything! Also while I was there I got to try the infamous Butter Beer….

I would love to tell you it tasted amazing like how they make it out in the films, but as we all know what  you see in the films is not always what you get…..Butter Beer is awful, which was slightly disappointing.  But don’t be disheartened all you Harry Potter fans, I think it’s a bit of a ‘you love it or hate it’ drink so if you get the chance give it a try!

I was also lucky enough to get tickets for the Hackney big weekend, it was such a good day and I got to see loads of great acts, like the Vaccines, Rita Ora and my personal favourites Kasabian. The weather was a constant worry throughout the day with a big grey cloud looming over us and showers happening on and off all day but luckily the weather held out and only began to rain heavily at the end of the day.

The Hackney Weekend was part of the London 2012 festival, which is offering various events and performances across the UK in celebration of the Olympic Games, so it was exciting that I got to be able to enjoy part of the Games celebrations. I would definitely have a look at all the celebrations taking place where you are, there could be something exciting happening near you! 

Wishing the best of luck to everyone still doing exams and waiting on results, hang in there and keep positive! J

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Olympics?

Finally all the revision and the exams are over! I had two exams this year, both of which I went into not feeling particularly confident. The first I came out of realising I had learnt more than I had thought and felt that I gave good answers to the questions. The second I didn't feel as positive about when I finished, but it’s finished now so I will have to wait until the results come out. So I made the most of the long jubilee weekend and had some relaxing time in the sun....or lack of sun should I say!

Moving away from the exams, although this means that my second year is finished, there is an exciting opportunity which I will be taking over the summer. Of course you will have heard about that little thing happening in London this summer, the London 2012 Olympic Games. I have kept quiet about this in my previous blogs but this has been something which I’ve been training and working towards for the past academic year. I am going to be working with a corporate hospitality company throughout the whole period of the Olympic Games. As we are completing our training our roles have yet to be finalised (I’ll keep you posted on that one!). The company have made a strong link with the University of Greenwich and many of our students will be working with the company during the games in a variety of different roles. But, I was extremely lucky as the company have been working closely with the second year Events management students, providing us with training throughout the year on a weekly basis, being interviewed, and then if successful we then move into the local staff training with all the other local staff who will also be working with the company during the games.


This will be such an amazing opportunity and I feel extremely lucky that I am going to be involved in, what arguably, is the largest event that takes place in the world.  Being able to work so closely with a company who has years of experience and learning so many new things along the way. This has been an aspiration of mine since I decided which university I wanted to go to. Knowing that the Olympic Games would fall at the end of my second year at university, going to a university in London was a big factor in my decision. So you can imagine my excitement when this opportunity came about.

The training has been intensive and we have been asked to complete various online, in class activities, venue tours and exams in order to prepare us for the Games. As well as all the learning I need to do about London, not being from London this has been a slight challenge but one which I was happy to do in order to have this amazing experience. If you were lucky enough to get a ticket to one of the events, maybe I’ll see you there!  J

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

….Ogres are like onions! And The Woman in Black

Source: http://www.thewomaninblack.com/
I was lucky enough to not only to see Shrek the musical this week, but also Woman in Black. After watching the film and there being a theatre show I’d heard really good reviews about it, so me and a friend managed to get hold of some cheap tickets for a matinee show for Woman in Black. It was a really good show and really intense the whole way through, even some bits that make you jump, or scream like the school group next to us! I was amazed that the show only features three actors, yet still created the feeling which is needed for a ghost story! Here’s the story outline for anyone who hasn’t a clue what I’m talking about;

Proud and solitary, Eel Marsh House surveys the windswept reaches of the salt marshes beyond Nine Lives Causeway. Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor, is summoned to attend the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow, the house’s sole inhabitant, unaware of the tragic secrets which lie hidden behind the shuttered windows. It is not until he glimpses a wasted young woman dressed all in black at the funeral, that a creeping sense of unease begins to take hold.  This feeling is deepened by the reluctance of the locals to talk of the woman in black – and her terrible purpose.
Years later, as an old man, he recounts his experiences to an actor in a desperate attempt to exorcise the ghosts of the past. The play unfolds around the conversations of these two characters as they act out the solicitor’s experiences on Eel Marsh all those years ago.’

And if that wasn’t enough theatre for one week I then went along to see Shrek the musical. It was my Dad’s birthday so my family came up to London to look around, grab dinner and see a show. It was a really good show, full of energy and if you love the film, the theatre production will not disappoint. Plus, I was lucky enough to see the show on the productions 1st birthday performing in the West End, so there were lots of activities, mainly for children, but this didn’t stop me wanting a pair of donkey or Shrek ears too!

Life hasn’t just been like a musical though, as I’m sure you’re all aware it’s EXAM SEASON! So I have spent the majority of my time in the library or some hidden area of the University revising. I literally have post-it notes, lecture slides and revision cards coming out my ears! But hopefully it all pays off in the end when the exams are over, which I must admit I’m extremely looking forward too. Some advice for anyone feeling as lost as I am with their revision, it’s important to find the revision method which is best for you and give yourself time. Although we all know those people who can read a book the day before the exam and pass with flying colours, this is not the case for everyone and if you’re like me its definitely not, I prefer to take my time and use revision cards and post-it notes….everywhere!

Good Luck with your exams everyone!! J

Thursday, 3 May 2012

7 Easter eggs later....

You could say I’ve had a little bit of a greedy Easter, but I did get to go home and spend some time with my family and friends which was lovely after the hectic end to last term. I took full advantage of being home and the fully stocked cupboards! But all good things must come to an end and the Easter break soon flew by and I was off back to uni and beginning the start of my revision! I have put my revision timetable in place, which I plan to stick to, and hopefully will see success in the result....fingers crossed.

I was also marshalling at the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday (22nd April), it was an early start and the threat of a down pour of rain was looming over us but luckily the weather held out and the weather stayed lovely all day. I was marshalling in Greenwich, at the 7 mile mark, just down the road from the campus and right next to the Cutty Sark student halls. Below is a picture from my marshalling post.

As well as spotting a few famous faces, like Arg from TOWIE, I also got to see all of those running either as a personal achievement or for charity. It was really emotional watching everyone and really inspired you to run the race yourself. I don’t think I would be quite ready to run 26 miles but maybe a shorter race would be more achievable so I could also do some fundraising. To make it a little bit more exciting, I even got one of these;

This week Greenwich also had a visit from the Queen! Unfortunately I was working and couldn’t make it down to see her but I hear it was an exciting atmosphere and loads of people turned out to see her re-opening the Cutty Sark after the massive restoration project which took place. Now its open again I am definitely going to have to visit and take a look for myself as well as having a look at the new exhibition space around the vessel!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bright and early start but well worth it....

This weekend I volunteered at the Gold Challenge event and had an amazing time! I was given the role of sports presentation runner. In this role I was a runner for the team in the sound and technical box, as well as for the commentator Rob Walker, whose voice you may recognise as he regularly commentates on many sporting events including athletic competitions and the on-course commentator for the London Marathon.

Up bright and early (with my alarm set for 5:30am) I made my way to the Olympic stadium, I was lucky enough to be able to see the whole event and a lot of the behind the scenes work going on. This allowed me to gain further knowledge of the industry and a real insight into how problems can be caused and solved in the face pace environment which is events.

The event had various celebrities present, with the likes of Paul Potts, Spellbound from Britain’s got Talent and also Dionne Bromfield performing.  All of the runners were truly inspirational all raising massive amounts of money for their charities. A final surprise on the day was a marriage proposal from one of the participants in the race, it was a complete surprise to everyone, including his now fiancĂ© (of course she said yes!). There’s even a news article about it; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17577353 . I have to admit a little tear did come to my eye.

I would recommend volunteer work experience to anyone who is interested in events management, not only does it give you the invaluable experience needed but also allows you to make contacts, put your knowledge into practise and most of all have fun, And yes it will be worth the early starts!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Final assignment and visit to the Olympic stadium

A slight apprehension but also relief flooded over me as I clicked the submit button on my final assignment of the year. The assignment was a research proposal for next year’s dissertation, and I have to say it has been one of the hardest this year….save the best till last as they say. Although it was difficult with the right reading and research, as well as asking my tutor about 500 questions each tutorial, I got there in the end.  Although this may mean my assignments are all finished for the year, I still have the dreaded exams in May to revise for, but before I start all of the revision, myself and my fellow event managers are off for a celebratory drink and making the most of this lush weather!

This weekend, on Sunday 1st April 2012, I am extremely excited about volunteering at the Gold Challenge. The event gives people the opportunity to complete a variety of different challenges; these involve the 2012km challenge, Olympic sport challenge and a gold challenge in a gym. Participants raise money for various charities whilst completing their challenges. The event will include various performers; have some participants completing their challenges on the Olympic track and a parade around the Olympic stadium finishing on the track for all the participants who have been raising money through different challenges prior to the event, giving them the chance to have a unique experience inside the stadium.

All the information about the event can be seen on the website: http://www.goldchallenge.org/index.php

Prior to the event I have been given some training about what role I would be doing, about the event and also getting a tour of the Olympic stadium and areas of the Olympic park which will be used for the event. Although there is still work going on down at the site it was an amazing experience being able to walk round the Olympic stadium and actually getting to walk on the track and yes, whilst I was walking on the 100 metre track I did pretend I was Usain Bolt. Unfortunately I am not able to show any pictures from inside the Olympic stadium due to the works still taking place inside the park and the privacy surrounding the park but I feel extremely lucky that I have been able to see these areas, and even walk on the ground which the athletes will use in the Olympic Games. I will keep you updated how the event goes J

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/dec/02/bbc-sportsrights

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Big Presentation!

It was time…..the big presentation! After working and preparing on the group project since September, the pitch was finally here. The project was based on the brand LUSH, as a team we had to create, plan and pitch our ideas for the brands stand at the Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition.  The project was lengthy and took a lot of work from the team, encountering a few problems along the way. But, we pulled through and working right up until the final day running through our pitch constantly. After practising for most of the day, and having lectures in between, it was our groups turn to pitch. Nervously we made our way to Hamilton House, following the signs to the LUSH presentations. We then set the room up with our presentation slides, a mood board, model and various other elements we had created to highlight our idea to the client. Then it was time to call the client in to pitch our idea.

 The presentation went really well, all members coherently put across our ideas and thanks to the hours spent practising no one went wrong. Also, as we were very familiar with our idea we were able to answer all of the questions asked, something we were all worried about.

I was so relieved once the presentation was done, and although there was months of work spent on the pitch it was a really interesting project which I will take a lot away from. Now just to wait for the results, hopefully all the hard work paid off in the end…..fingers crossed!!!

Here is the mood board which our team created for the pitch, which symbolises all of our ideas. What do you think our theme was?

After a few well deserved drinks with my fellow event management students to celebrate the pitches being complete, the next day I was back in the library getting on with all the other assignments.  

I also have been to another gig, in complete contrast to my usual choice of genre; I went to see The Wanted at the O2. I took my younger sister, who also happens to be a massive fan of the band, along as well as a shopping trip to Westfield’s. She travelled up to London to stay with me for the weekend from my hometown and I had a great time as it’s always nice to see the family; who I haven’t seen since the Christmas break. The gig was proper pop gig with everything you would expect from the band. The only thing I would say is that I think I still might be slightly deaf from the screams of the hundreds of The Wanted fans in the arena that night!

 Source: http://thewantedmusic.com/gallery                                                                              

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Here we go, blog number one!

So at the moment things have been a bit hectic juggling the numerous assignments which I have due in over the next month, seeing me in the library and computer labs has been a regular occurrence, but slowly I’m making my way through them.  Also there has been serious practise for a group presentation which I’m doing next week; although nervous our group has put in lots of work to make sure it’s the best it can be, so fingers crossed all goes well. As well as University assignments I’ve also been working and have been in contact with various event organisations and charities to get myself some work experience and offer my help to the charities involved , my diary is my life saver to stop me forgetting everything!

But it hasn’t been all work and no play; I have been attempting to have a social life. I recently visited the Event Production Show 2012, this is a trade show aimed at the events industry at the Olympia in London. Whilst there I made sure to check out the exhibitor stands, watched some of the singers who performed and attended one of the seminars which the event had to offer. The seminar was about the trends and spends of the Olympic games and what affects its set to have on not only London but also the events industry. A discussion from a panel of industry experts which included representatives from various event related companies and also the commercial director for EC&O venues (they oversee the events at the Olympia where the show was and various other venues). The seminar gave me some interesting insight from the events perspective about the impacts the Olympics have had leading up to the games, currently and trends thought to be happening after the games. Whilst the seminar was happening I was frantically taking notes about everything they said as it was extremely relevant to my studies and also gave me many ideas for topics for my dissertation which I am giving loads of thought into at the moment!  I really enjoyed the show and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the events industry, another plus point its free to attend you just have to register.

Also something I was extremely excited about was going to see Snow Patrol at the O2!!! It was an amazing night and Snow Patrol definitely lived up to my expectations and were giving me the chills through most of the gig, and I was having to hold back the tears when they sung a beautiful duet with Lissie (who is amazing in her own right) of their song Set the Fire to the Third Bar and of course Chasing cars!! An amazing night!!!!