Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Olympic experience

The Olympics is over and after all the training and preparation it’s the weirdest feeling! But this now means I can finally spill the beans and let you know exactly what it was I was doing, but don’t worry I won’t go into every intricate detail. I was based at the Olympic park, in the Olympic hospitality centre. The main function of the centre was for the use of the marketing partner suites and the exclusive clubs within the Olympic hospitality centre. My role within the venue was part of the front of house team; responsibilities included excellent customer service at all times, front and back of house reception desks, welcome centre, ticket control and working within one of the clubs in the venue. I was working alongside an amazing team, who were all a pleasure to work with, really enhancing my experience, and I hope to stay in contact with many of them. The guests who visited the Olympic hospitality centre were equally as lovely to meet, many included members from marketing partner companies, some famous faces, Paralympic and Olympic athletes. WHO, WHO, WHO! I hear you ask, let’s just say I had a lovely conversation with the Mayor of London and got to see a few gold Olympic medals.

I was also lucky enough to get a chance to experience the games from the spectator perspective. I was able to see one of the opening ceremony rehearsals; the atmosphere was amazing and I was blown away by the performance of the volunteers involved, it was clear to see the amount of hard work, determination and time they had given up. The whole performance gave me Goosebumps and even a few tears at times.
I also got to see some sport, I went to see the Handball bronze medal match between Spain and Korea. Initially being worried about my lack of knowledge of the rules of the game, I really enjoyed it! The game is a really fast moving game with goals being score and players being knocked down, quite violently at times I felt, as well as constant music and atmosphere from the crowd, with extra, extra time then being given at the end of the game in order to crown the winners Spain. I would definitely recommend giving handball a look if you ever get the chance, trust me you won’t be disappointed.


Finally, I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the closing ceremony. It was incredible and an amazing finish to my whole Olympic experience. Again, the atmosphere inside the stadium was electric, the performance of the volunteers was inspirational and an array of brilliant performers from the best of British music. But, how can I not mention, my childhood dream came true, I saw THE SPICE GIRLS!!! Much to the embarrassment of my colleague next to me I was singing and dancing like a crazy woman….it had to be done. With the ceremony finally concluding with the historic passing of the flag from the current host nation to the next, Rio and the biggest secret of the night, how they would be extinguishing the flame.

Although it was long hours, hard work and at times zombie like tiredness. I would not change any part of my time at the Olympic Games. I had the opportunity to do, see, learn amazing things and meet some amazing people. Soak up the atmosphere of the games all over London, and have an experience that will not only benefit my future but also one which will stay with me a lifetime.

Now the wrap parties are over and I have to hang up my purple polyester, I’m experiencing what’s being coined the ‘Post-Olympic blues’ but it is lovely to finally have a nice rest!

(I didn’t take many photos, but I’ve put a few which I took mainly at closing ceremony in the blog J)

Good luck to everyone getting their A-level and GCSE results!! J

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