Thursday, 18 April 2013

Revision Timetable

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! I headed off home for the majority of the Easter break which was lovely. I was able to catch up with all my family and friends since I haven’t been able to go home since Christmas. It was extremely relaxing especially after handing in my dissertation and the remainder of my coursework. I also ate my own weight in Easter eggs so it’s straight back to exercising for me, oops!

I’ve also begun my revision timetable for my exams; I have two this year for Sporting Events Management and Contemporary Issues in Events Management. I have my longest exam this year of three hours, which will be killer, but hopefully the preparation will pay off. Everyone has their own revision technique, but I find it useful to firstly read up on everything, going over my notes and lecture slides. I then begin to break the information down onto revision cards and revise these. Then once I am confident I begin to answer the past exam paper questions. It took me a while to establish which method worked best for me, exams I always find to be stressful and much prefer coursework. But, preparation is the key as you have the knowledge to be able to answer the questions and not get too stressed in the exam.

Information is slowly filtering through about my graduation ceremony which is exciting. It still shocks me how quickly time has flown since I started my degree. I have confirmed my tickets and next need to sort out my graduation gown. All strange concepts but it’s just round the corner in July! More importantly I also need to buy my outfit, which I imagine is going to take me a while.

In other news I am continuing with my graduate job search and have been applying for various opportunities, so I have my fingers crossed for responses from those. I am applying for many different opportunities and have found the practise at writing my covering letters and tailoring my CV one of the most difficult parts of the process. But, practise makes perfect as they say!

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