Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The end is near

So its crunch time! My dissertation is complete, and only needs the final adjustments. Completely nerve racking but I am submitting early in that hope that if any problems do occur I am able to rectify these. It’s a strange feeling seeing the finished product after spending such a long time completing it, but I hope all the hard work has paid off!
I am looking forward to Easter, it will be lovely, all my coursework will be finished and I can just concentrate on revision for my exams in May. I am planning on going home for some of the Easter break and seeing all my family and friends, and of course eat chocolate.

I worked at one of the business school taster days this weekend, meeting lots of the new applicants who will hopefully be joining the university in September. It was a great day, besides the rain, but everyone seemed exciting and there were plenty of activities going on during the event.

Back to reality and I'm realising the short timeframe I have until the end of my degree and I'm beginning to look more seriously at job applications and graduate schemes. I have been following opportunities for the last year or so to get an idea of what jobs are out there and what they look for in a candidate so that I can prepare myself and also making some applications. I have also been visiting the Employability Team at the University who have been extremely helpful in giving me advice about how and where to apply, what type of jobs and revising my CV to graduate job standard. Writing Covering letters is also something which I have been struggling with, I am never sure if I’m writing too much or too little. But the employability team also provided me with lots of advice of this and as with most things, practise makes perfect! I would defiantly recommend using the services available from the GET team, many people forget they are there and don't take the opportunity to make full advantage of the services. The link below has the timetable of the drop-in sessions which the GET team offer to University of Greenwich students:
Other good websites to look for opportunities are Prospects ( and Milkround ( 
I hope this helps! Good luck to everyone completing their dissertation, and happy job hunting!

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