Thursday, 14 March 2013

In the Spotlight

I’m happy to report that the event went really well! Arriving at the venue early to set up it was exciting to see the event come to life after all the planning and preparation which took place.  Sound check went well and all the acts were ready to perform by the start of the event. As we opened the doors there was a tense wait for people to arrive, which felt like forever. But, eventually people started to arrive, even more people than we expected and soon the venue was packed in time for the acts performances. Our artists on the night included; Adam Lee, Tom Poole, Anna Hogg, Uberkill and Island Cassettes, all fantastic performers which really made the night. We also had a DJ and MC who both made a great addition to the night. Below are some pictures from set-up of the event;

A few of my friends and family were able to make it on the night which was lovely to have their support, although the night was a little stressful, I was so happy that it was a success and really proud of my team, all the hard work paid off!!

In other news, I am still continuing with my dissertation, slowly but surely getting there. I have now made it through most of the findings section and moving on to my discussion and conclusion sections. The deadline is looming so I’m feeling the pressure slightly now, but trying not to let this get to me. So, I’ve been thinking of ways to relax; here are some things I've tried:


Running, brilliant stress reliever, but if like me you can be on the lazy side it did take some effort! Hence why I have taken up a couple of fitness classes over the last few months which are much more fun and I’m much more motivated to attend.


Eating, which completely took away all the good I received from exercising, but chocolate did help those stressful evenings in the library!


Insomnia was no help at all. But, something which has plagued me for the last month!


And the best remedy of all….smile and relax!! As they say think positive thoughts and feel more positive. Thinking the best of the situation and not spending all my time concentrating on how much I have to do, meant I was able to put my energy into getting things done!

All the best of luck to everyone completing their dissertation or any other coursework, be positive, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! All you need to do is prove it to yourself.

Will keep you posted in my next blog! 

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